Città di Faenza

A journey through sophistication and quality, Città di Faenza, being aware that we are bringing into the present something we are attached to and believe in. Ceramics goes back to being a material that acts as a mother, bringing us together. Città di Faenza knows what our spaces are and, therefore, what we feel. It is a road that connects us with ourselves through memories and bonds. A heightened experience, the unforgettable delight of something we are able to feel, an honest and intimate story, and devotion to an idea. The material of choice embodies the poetics of space and expresses itself with full honesty. Nowadays, creativity and simplicity go hand in hand. The material listens to us and becomes a resource for our endless everyday life, for our spontaneous fantasies, for our intimate family relationships, and for the power of memory.

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Gio Bianco
Gio Bianco Decor
Gio Rosso
Gio Rosso Decor
Gio Blue
Gio Blue Decor
Gio Azzurro
Gio Azzurro Decor
Gio Verde
Gio Verde Decor
Gio Oro Bianco
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Gio Oro Blue
Gio Oro Azzurro
Gio Oro Verde
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